Monday, August 30, 2010

a long overdue update

oh, hai.

i suck at blogging.  mostly because work came up and bit me in the ass and then work vanished.  for the most part, wedding continues to idle at the "when is your wedding?" stage.  i'm sick and tired of trying to answer the question but i'm without a job for the second time this year so planning is kind of out of the question.  which isn't to say that nothing has happened, but what progress has been made hasn't been relevant to nailing down a date.

first item of wedding business: the dress is in!  bonus - no alterations required.  the dress fits perfect and doesn't even need hemming with the right size heel.  the only thing that is being done is the bustle because it has a small train and the shop is doing that for $45.  this includes steaming the dress, though by the time i wear it it will probably need steamed all over again.  normally, considering the simplicity of the bustle being done, my mom and i could probably knock it out ourselves for the cost of the notions (less than $5) but i'd rather not worry about it.

second item, i decided on and ordered my veil.  i didn't think that i would do this for a couple of reasons.  first, i was hugely undecided about traditional veil or birdcage and i was having hair issues so i couldn't really picture how everything would go together.  also, when i went to try on the dress, i wasn't sure how i was going to pay the balance due let alone have and extra $100 - $150 for a piece of netting on my head.  turns out, however, that my mother picked up the balance on my dress and the price of a custom-made birdcage veil from the shop is $60 (half what i was looking at on etsy for a very simple birdcage!).  seriously, this lady is awesome.  it will have light beading to match my dress and some red feathers to match my shoes.

at the same time, my sister delayed her return to school for a day so that she could check out the dress and mom and i made her try on bridesmaid dresses.  so there are some ideas there, but i won't settle on anything for a while.  my best friend since 7th grade (and maid of honor) will likely be visiting in December or January so i'll wait until she's here to do serious dress shopping on that front.

otherwise, we are still at a standstill.  H and i continue to have very different ideas of who constitutes "just immediate family and close friends" because my idea of immediate family is mom, dad, sister, grandma and his idea of immediate family is people-who-come-to-christmas which is at least a dozen people, half of which i don't really feel like we need at our wedding (this is, of course, if we go the small wedding route).  but if we are going to invite them, then i'd like to go ahead and invite my whole family, too so why don't we just invite whoever the fuck we want and figure out how to make it work.

so, that's that.

despite the dress, i can't say that i feel engaged.  all the initial "we're getting married!" is gone and i've kind of settled into this limbo where i don't even believe that a wedding will ever actually happen.  we'll just be in engagement purgatory forever.  one day people are going to stop asking when we're getting married and i wonder whether we'll just forget to ever get around to it.

we're going to a wedding in atlanta this weekend.  i'm kind of dreading it.