Sunday, April 10, 2011

liar, liar pants on fire

I'll confess:

Now that I'm in the market for a wedding ring I find myself leaning towards sparklier items.  Because I think it does actually bother me that I didn't get an engagement ring.  I thought I was more feminist or less materialistic than that, but it turns out that I like sparkly things.  And I don't actually know any people who didn't get and engagement ring.  And I keep thinking back to the one time we went ring shopping and I had that marquise cut on my finger and it made me giddy for no good reason.  It was still way too much cash to spend and I'm glad that I don't have that but I do find myself mourning the idea of the engagement ring.

So I'm trying to make up for it in a wedding ring.  Nothing crazy expensive, I promise.  But still sparkly.  I wouldn't mind vintage.  H had considerably more modern tastes.

What can I say?  The traditional Taurus-type in me wants to fit in and my Leo-rising wants to be a little eye-catching.

So, yeah - I'm a big, fat liar face.

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