Wednesday, April 13, 2011

things in lists and a cake

Things I have been procrastinating on:
  • the catering
  • the hotel block
  • the guest addresses
Things that I have been preoccupied with:
  • vintage yellow necklaces
  • paper or fabric flowers
  • cake
  • making sure all the bridesmaids can get a dress in their size
And just when I was despairing that no wedding cake could possibly be awesome enough or really embrace what I want in my wedding and, therefore, my wedding cake.  But then I found that my google-fu is most excellent because I found this looker of a cake.  The colors are perfect and the base fondant and the flowers look like fabric and buttons (which my super badass bridesmaid and I were just discussing).  It's modern and it's pretty but it's not frilly and super girly.

I'm in cake love.

That said, H the Designer is still in creative design mode and I have no idea what's going on inside his brain which is driving me NUTS.  So I've spent most of my time trying really hard not to be a nag about save-the-dates.  I've been promised that they will be designed, printed, and sent by the end of the month.

In the meantime, I'm going to just drool over cake pron.

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