Thursday, July 22, 2010


As much as I've hashed some things out here on the interwebs, blabbing freely via keyboard, that is not real world.  By which I mean, all thought of discussing wedding things with anyone is absolutely terrifying.  I get tense if someone else brings it up in conversation.  I feel irrational pangs of jealousy and rage at the mention of someone else's wedding (past or future).  And I freeze up at prospect of starting the wedding conversation back up with H and the family.

 I think I need a deadline.  Wedding silence ends on such-and-such a day OR Wedding date must be set by XX date.  Just to be able to say "we're getting married then" and the wheres and hows and other logistical issues can be sorted later.  But whatever they are the time will be set.  Otherwise, I can spend a lot of time thinking about all the reasons at that everything is not right yet and why we should put things off and excuse after excuse.

Deadlines are good.

How long is too long?

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