Friday, July 9, 2010 which we obsess about hair...

This is completely stupid, but one of the first things that came up on the List of Things to Worry About when H & I got engaged was whether or not I should grow my hair. This seems to be a common bride-to-be concern: oh shit - what's my hair gonna look like in pictures? Most girls I know have opted for growing it out for the length of their engagement so that they can have curls or some fancy up-do (usually the latter). And then shortly after getting hitched, they chop it off.


I used to have insanely long hair. Down to my butt, neck-breaking hair. In college I got sick of it, went out for a cheap $10 cut and had the lady chop it off to my ears. Since then, my hair has never really been longer than chin length and when I moved to NOLA and got myself a permanent hair stylist lady, she encouraged me to get the pixie cut that I'd always flirted with. And I did. And I loved it. I even went bleach blonde for several months (and it was hott - yes, with 2 t's) until my wallet and my scalp couldn't take the beating anymore. And then I started to keep my hair just a little longer while we fixed the color back to my natural brunette. I continue to waffle about going back to my pixie cut. When I brought up the wedding and the inevitable hair dilemma with Stylist Lady she reminded me that if I grew my hair out it wouldn't really be very me to have long hair. She knows how much I hate having to actually do anything with it to make it look good. How about a bob and some finger curls instead?

So I've been kind of sort of keeping it long (chin-length & off my neck) with this idea of finger curls and a pretty birdcage/flower in my hair on my still-imaginary wedding day. But it's irritating me to blow dry it every day and deal with longer bangs and keep it looking awesome in the southern humidity especially when I sweat my ass off multiple times a week at derby practice in an un-airconditioned building. Gross.

And then, while wedding porn often makes me all jealous and spiteful, I stumble across this bride with super short hair on Polka Dot Bride and it makes me want to go back to Stylist Lady and demand she cut it all off again.

I need my punk rock back. I might even dye it red again and have my punk rock pixie hair for my wedding day instead of trying to look all classic and vintage-like. My mom already hates that my dress shows one of my tattoos and I'll probably cover up with make-up to make her happy and avoid grandmother tears. If I can't have my tats, I might need my funky hair just to feel like myself.

Can you tell that I like to distract myself from Big Wedding Issues by obsessing over meaningless ones?


  1. I love that you got a 10 dollar haircut when you did your first major chop. I splurged and went to one of the local upscale chain of salons.

    Also... when you say "derby practice," do you mean roller derby? Because if so, you are the coolest.

  2. I do, in fact, mean roller derby.