Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Time to think about making a decision maybe soon...

So I'm actually semi-secretly trying to hash out something that might resemble a plan.  We're getting wedding inquiries again, H & I, and we are even starting to figure out what the hell kind of wedding shindig we want (this is tentative and discussed in tiny 3-sentence chunks so I guess it doesn't really count as "discussion").

I had a weepy stress-over-wedding day about a month ago and suggested (via email - because I'm a wuss) that we just have a teeny-tiny wedding in January and be done.  By teeny-tiny, I mean 20-25 people which would basically be immediate family, grandmothers, a few close friends who would've been wedding party if we had a big wedding, their spouses.  We could get gussied up, take pretty pictures, and go have a fancy dinner at one of our favorite restaurants.  For about two weeks, I was in love with this idea.

But we'd also talked about a park wedding in the spring which could be easy on the budget and allow us to do a lot of DIY projects and invite just about everyone we would ever want to invite.  One of the first things we both agreed on at the beginning was that we wanted to have not only our family but our friends as well.  The enormity of both our families, however, made inviting most of our friends impossible if we went the traditional venue/catering/WIC route.  I didn't really want to be at a party where I'm obligated to be a good hostess but I don't even get to share it with ALL the people I want to party with, not just my family.  The friend factor would really liven things up, make it feel more like a party for us and less like we planned a wedding because our family expected one.  That's me anyway.

Oh, I should also mention that the park wedding came up because H saw this awesome wedding somewhere with chandeliers hanging from trees and furniture everywhere and he thought it was the best plan ever and has pushed for that theme ever since.  I liked the idea except for the whole outdoor-wedding-in-January thing.  Also, Mardi Gras is late this year so if we want to wait until spring it would have to be the weekend of March 19th.  That's the only date - one because of family conflicts, two because of Mardi Gras, three because of St. Pat's day, and 4 because I will not suffer through monster-pillars on my wedding day no way, no how.  The only other way to do an outdoor wedding is to wait until October or thereabouts which neither of us want to do.

There are big budget and planning concerns on my parental side regarding a New Orleans wedding so I am trying to figure out how I can present a wedding idea so that we can enlist a little financial support (oh, crap, I still haven't gotten into the meat of the whole Budget Fiasco).  I think we can do a big (150 ppl) park wedding for $10,000 or less.  But I don't have, nor can I save, 10 grand in any reasonable amount of time.  I already put out more than I could really afford on my dress (and have to come up with $400+ to pay it off in another month or two).

I should also mention that if we chose to get married at my parents' place in Florida the wedding would be mostly FREE.  That's right, paid by someone other than myself and H.

But that isn't going to happen for many frustrating and irrelevant reasons.  So I've got to elope, wait a really long time to have a wedding, or hit people up for $$.  I'm unhappy with all of these options.  But if I can show that I can plan this shit for under $10,000 I may be able to find the cash somewhere and then maybe I can move on the stressing about a real wedding that is actually going to happen instead of the hypothetical wedding that's been driving me crazy so far.

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