Tuesday, July 13, 2010

stuff that's cool

Best save-the-date ever.

Actually, our friends did a pretty sweet Luigi/Princess save-the-date for their wedding that was way cool.

Now could someone please tell me how to mash together Alice In Wonderland (his favorite) and Wizard of Oz (my favorite) in a way that makes any sense?  I mean, are mock turtles and flying monkeys appropriate for a wedding theme?  Should I care if they're not?

Because H is the designer in this duo so he gets hung up on this stuff like theme and color (by which I mean, he will stay up all night perfecting every tiny color detail in photoshop).  I merely execute clever crafty plans (by which I mean, I'll stitch together some random fabric and some yarn and some buttons and some wire from the stash and hope it looks good, as long as I'm asleep my midnight).

Also, we both dig vintage and retro and we both like comic books and steampunk and doctor who and other science fiction.  So if we have to pick a theme and make our wedding all individualized and full of cute details then the wedding just might look we puked nerd all over it which will just confuse most of our guests.  Probably best we just boil some crawfish and drink a lot of Abita and rum.


  1. I would love to go to a wedding with a nerd-puke theme! Also, have you ever seen the South Park Imaginationland trilogy? Your wedding could be like that! But without the terrorism.

  2. I got to the South Park party late in life - will have to research/procrastinate at work.